Welcome to my genealogy website!

A few years ago I started my own family tree research in the Salt Lake City family history library. I was hooked immediately. Since then I have found other trees that feature large sections of my tree. Among the most noteworthy is the Smink family tree (which is sadly not available online anymore).

You may also find me on here and here on ancestry.com.

This family tree was started from my great-grandparents - their names are:
Hendrik Pieter Innemee & Willemke Kramer
Adriaan Cornelis van Pernis & Johanna Christina Leepel
Johannes Jacobus Maaskamp & Gertruda Johanna Wolters
Roelof Cornelis de Borst & Gerardina Hendrika Steensma

There are several noteworthy family members / branches: There are French ancestors (de la Croix/la Croy/de la Croze) who attended the Wallonian church (de Waalse kerk) in the Hague around 1680. We are fairly sure that they were huguenots.

I am also working on adding my husband's family, starting with his grandparents:
Emanuel Greenhaus & Irma Siegel
Irving Garber & Zelda White

In this tree there are also interesting family members: the White family (Batt), was originally from the Kremenets area in the Ukraine.

To get started, simply click on "index" in the top right corner, or for a list of last names, click on "last names" in the top left corner. If you have any questions or corrections, please don't hesitate to contact me.